17 November 2015

Jonathan Morgan as Friar Tuck

Roger Hall’s Robin Hood: The Pantomime opens In Circa One on 21 November.  This week in drama* on the waterfront, Julie O’Brien talks with Jonathan about his career, costume changes and corpsing.

Who do you play in Robin Hood?

I play two roles - Rumble and Friar Tuck.

Does it get difficult swapping between the two characters?

Not on stage, but there are some pretty fast costumes changes so I hope I get those right. The great thing about performing with this cast is that most of them have had a lot of experience in panto, so I’m sure if I walked on stage in the wrong costume, someone would help me out… I hope!
Jonathan Morgan in rehearsal for Robin Hood:  The Pantomime.
What training have you had? 

I currently hold a Bachelor of Applied Arts; Performing Arts (Singing) and a Diploma in Performing Arts (Singing) from Whitireia Performance Centre (2013) and a Certificate in Screen Acting from Wellington Performing Arts Centre (2010).

What have we seen you in?

I performed in Destination Beehive (2014) and Red Riding Hood: The Pantomime (2014) at Circa Theatre.  You also may have been seen me as Eugene in Wellington Musical Theatre's Grease (2014) and in Wellington Musical Theatre's Hairspray (2012).  I also performed in Miss Saigon at the Arts Centre, Gold Coast, earlier this year. It’d be interesting to know if anyone saw me in that!

If you weren't performing, what would you be doing? 

If I wasn't performing, I would most probably be teaching. I'd love to be a Drama/Social Studies teacher.
Jonathan Morgan, in rehearsal with Andrew Patterson.
What's a favourite role that you've played and why? 

My favourite role I have played would be George Hemi Arapeta in Destination Beehive (2014, Circa Theatre). It was my first professional show and I learnt a lot about being in the theatre and about politics. It was amazing working with Lorae Parry and Pinky Agnew, too. They are both very funny and it was great to see how they worked. Highlight: my character performed a reggae/rap song. It was awesome.

What's a role that's you'd love to play and why? 

A role that I would love to play would be 'Simon/Lola' in Kinky Boots. The musical is inspiring, beautiful, and has very catchy music.

What are your plans after Robin Hood

I am considering studying a postgraduate diploma in teaching through Victoria University, but haven't committed yet. (Let's leave this one out, for now ha ha!).
The cast of Robin Hood:  The Pantomime in rehearsal at Circa Theatre.
What’s it like doing the Panto?

Brilliant! We are having so much fun. Rehearsals are hilarious and a lot of laughs. It’s taking a lot of discipline to stop myself from corpsing. Hopefully by the time the show comes around, I’ll be used to the jokes and not find them funny anymore… I seriously doubt it, though!

Roger Hall’s Robin Hood: The Pantomime opens 21 November and runs until 9 January.

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