22 April 2013

Tribes: New Zealand Sign Language Interpreted

Circa Theatre is excited to offer a New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) interpreted performance of the current Circa One play, Tribes, for Deaf audience members. This will be the first time that Circa will present a performance of this type.

“We believe that theatre should be accessible to all people, and offering an NZSL interpreted performance is another step towards making that a reality,” said Ray Henwood, Circa Council Co-ordinator. “Tribes is a wonderful piece to interpret, given that it deals with issues related to Deafness and communication and contains Sign within the very fabric of the play. Theatre interpretation is an artform unto itself, and we are thrilled to offer this special performance.”

NZSL interpreters Elinor Cuttiford and Saran Goldie-Anderson will interpret Nina Raine’s challenging script, dividing up the characters between them, with the aim of giving Deaf audience members the complete experience of the play.

Tribes is a fantastic play that so powerfully presents experiences that many Deaf and hearing impaired people can relate to,” said Mark Berry, NZSL Teacher/Deaf Culture Advisor for Tribes and member of the Wellington Deaf Society. “I am very excited to see the NZSL interpreted performance and think it will be a great event for the Wellington Deaf community, who don’t get to see interpreted theatre very often.”

The NZSL interpreted performance of Tribes will take place on Friday, 3 May at 8pm. To watch the NZSL video trailer, please click here. This performance is open to the general public.

Tribes, directed by Ross Jolly, is a smart, highly original and funny new play that has wowed critics and audiences around the world. To book for the NZSL interpreted performance, please email circa@circa.co.nz and indicate that you would like to sit in the designated NZSL section. Adult tickets for patrons associated with Deaf Aotearoa and the Wellington Deaf Society will be offered for the discounted price of $38.

Circa would like to thank the J R McKenzie Trust Deaf Development Fund and Nicola Clements of Odd Socks Productions, for their invaluable assistance.

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