15 April 2013

The Improvisors' Theatresports for Kids!

Two teams. One match. The judges: YOU!

How often do you watch a sports match, wishing you could decide the outcome? Watch a movie, wishing you could have helped make it, because you had heaps of better ideas? Well, wish no more, because we’re bringing the power to YOU!

Want to see a scene about puppies? We can do that. Prefer a story about a gallant knight and his horse and their adventure to find treasure? You’re the boss! Every time one of our Theatresports teams gets up on stage, they’ll come to you for ideas and suggestions that will determine what kind of stories you see. And it doesn’t stop there - we’ll also come to you afterwards for your judgement and score. You decide the winner... you decide the loser... you decide the whole game! How cool is that? It’s the best of two worlds - theatre and sports - and you are the master of both!

For too long the power of entertainment has rested outside of the audience. For too long have you been subjected to stories that you’ve heard before, that you’ve seen before, that you already know the ending of. No more will you be expected to sit quietly in your seat, a passive spectator. This school holidays, drag your ma and pa along and help the Improvisors create the show that YOU want to see.

22 April – 4 May
11am and 1pm Mon – Fri, 11am only Sat, no show Sun
The Improvisors have created a theatresports show especially for kids – just like Who’s Line is it Anyway - Theatresports for Kids is a show for 8-12 year olds that brings all the theatresports games of our family favourite Sunday shows to the School Holidays! No previous experience is required to join in the show – just enthusiasm, imagination and a sense of fun. And it’s not compulsory to join the show – our shyer audience members are welcome to watch the stories unfold and laugh! Why should grown-ups have all the fun?

To book, call the Circa Box Office on 801-7992 or visit www.circa.co.nz.

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