29 April 2013

The Improvisors' present Comic Heroes

Wonder Woman! Superman! The X Men! Spider Man! What do they all have in common? Yes,yes, apart from their amazing super-powers .... ? It’s obvious – not one of them is a Kiwi!

The Improvisors take on the challenge of plugging this gap in the NZ workforce in their 2013 International Comedy Festival show at Circa.

What special powers will our heroes possess? What challenge (anywhere on the spectrum from world-threatening to mildly inconvenient) will they be called on to solve?  Will they be able to see what they’re doing with their masks on?

Frankly, we don’t know – but that’s the point. Each night you, the audience, will come up with a fresh set of answers to these and other questions and we, The Improvisors, will make up a brand-new 90-minute show that will be driven by your suggestions. Drama, comedy, action and special effects that will take at least some of your breath away!

Don’t miss this chance to see some of Wellington’s top improv comedians! Five nights only from Tuesday 30 April to Saturday 4 May at 7:30pm.

To book, visit www.circa.co.nz or call 801-7992.

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