09 April 2013

Top 10 Reasons to See Mike and Virginia

The 10 Reasons why YOU should tell all your friends to come to Mike and Virginia at Circa 2 Before the 20th April. (According to actors Will (Mike) & Gentiane (Virginia) . . .)

1. Because if you come after the 20th April the actors will have packed up and left. Will Hall (Mike) will be stalking in the Nelson Lakes and Gentiane Lupi (Virginia) will be back in the ring preparing for her next kick boxing bout. There's a strong possibility these two fine actors will never be allowed to work together again, after word gets out about their behaviour over the last month at Circa, so get in quick to see them in action. Two weeks left folks!
2. Love & Monsters.
Who doesn't love monsters?
Or Monster love?
Or lovely Monsters?
This show has all of the above in abundance.

3. Circa 2 is a lovely intimate space. You get so close to the action. You can almost taste it, smell it, feel it. In fact we don't mind if you do want to do those things. The sponsors product the very delicious Moa Beer and Weka Cider, as seen in the play are available at the Theatre Bar, Encore. Come and taste, feel and smell it with us after the show. First rounds on Gentiane! (LOL).
4. It is the only play you'll be able to see this year that really celebrates Romantic Comedies. Come and relive some memories of some of your favourite Rom-coms. From "Love Actually" through to "Sleepless in Seattle”. Everyone has a favourite Rom-Com. And if you don't then maybe Mike and Virginia is it!

5. At some point two props get absolutely disseminated! Everybody likes a bit of carnage right? Come and see Gentiane's brute strength on display as she destroys the props and our budget, left, right and centre!

6. The script is a monster that will carry you away in its hairy paws. Thank you so much, Kathryn Burnett and Nick Ward x.
7. Four out of the five cast member’s orgasm during the show. You won't even find an 80% hit rate like that in the classic "Sperms of Endearment".
8. So many great lines in this play. Fun for the whole family to quote the lines on the car ride home. It's always fun when your Mum quotes lines like "Didn't you have that guys cock in your mouth?"

9. A cat dies. It's common knowledge in Hollywood you should always save the cat in your scripts. Well we choose to bend the rules. And whilst we're down there we might just shave it as well.

10. If you don't like the sound of either Gentiane or Will after reading their first 9 reasons to see the show. Then think of the amazing support cast. Wellington Legend Perry Piercy, the Incomparable Stephen Papps and the up and coming Show Stopping beauty, with fire in her hair, Jen Martin. The three of them have more talent in their pinky fingers than the two idiots out front. Why then weren't they asked to write this blog?
Thank you for your time,Gents & Will

Mike and Virginia is on stage in Circa 2 until 20 April, to book call Circa on 801-7992 or visit www.circa.co.nz.

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