21 April 2015

Why you need Don Juan in your life

This week on *drama on the waterfront, a taster teaser (with zeir sexy accents) from the actors taking part in Don Juan.

The five actors are gearing up to bring you the ultimate experience in titivation and titillation with their take on the legend of Don Juan! The character of Don Juan, the infamous, legendary, fictional libertine, was first written down by Tirso de Molina (aka Gabriel Tellez) around 1630.  Since then he has been written about by no less than Moliere, Byron, and Mozart - most famously in the opera Don Giovanni.

And now New Zealand gets its own première of a brand new work about the legend by the award-winning theatre company A Slightly Isolated Dog.  Don Juan has been played by Johnny Depp, and was apparently a source of fascination for Jane Austen:  "I have seen nobody on the stage who has been a more interesting Character than that compound of Cruelty and Lust".

But don't take her word for it, or even mine.  Listen to the actors themselves tell you why you need Don Juan in your life...

The Cast of the Circa Theatre 2015 season of Don Juan are:
LILY - Susie Berry
JULIE - Andrew Paterson
MAURICE - Maaka Pohatu
PHILIPPE - Jonothan Price
CHARLOTTE - Comfrey Sanders

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