07 April 2015

Reflections from week one of The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Drood, Glorious Drood!

This week on *drama on the waterfront, we hear reflections from week one of The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Just over a week ago The Mystery of Edwin Drood thundered out of the gate at Circa, with a bold and boisterous opening night event that served up a feast of madness, mystery, murder and music to the more than 200 people who joined the cast and crew to send Drood off to the races in style.
Fabulous....Brilliant...Awesome...Amazing...You should see it more than once!
By now, nearly 1500 of you have been welcomed to the Music Hall Royale to meet the incredible suspects, watch for clues and red herrings and decide for yourselves who the Dickens did the deed!
Highly recommended that all lovers of Dickens go see this show.

It’s been wonderfully exciting to see the different possible endings emerge (with some hilariously improbable pairings already proving popular! Most of all, it’s been humbling and gratifying to hear how much fun you’re all having
Stunning in every way and rollicking good fun!

As those of you who’ve seen it will know, The Mystery of Edwin Drood is a massive and spectacular undertaking, needing truckloads of energy, wit, speed, passion…..and people to share it with! We’re still  firing on all cylinders and there are heaps of endings still to be seen, so it’s just as well we’ve got another three weeks to bring you a larger-than-life experience at The Mystery of Edwin Drood.
Everyone should go and see this as quickly as they can; it is HILARIOUS!
All photos taken by Tabitha Arthur, with quotes from the audience of this season of The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

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