13 April 2015

beautiful, funny and poignant

This week on *drama on the waterfront, it's your last chance to see Two Mortals at Circa.


With less than one week left of Two Mortals Circa season, would-be-audiences had better seize the day and book their tickets now!

Described by Wellington audiences as  ‘beautiful, funny and poignant’, Two Mortals has delighted through its ability to ‘transport me to somewhere very reflective and powerful’.

Rachael & Mike perform in Two Mortals

Performers Mike McEvoy and Rachael Dyson-McGregor, both members of Melbourne’s Playback Theatre Company, have won hearts here in Wellington, being lauded as ‘excellent performers’, ‘able to be so open and present’, who ‘really took care of us as the audience to engage with such a heavy topic’.

Yet in spite of the weighty subject matter, the show’s been credited with dealing to it using ‘light humorous touches’, ‘playful, child-like game’ and a ‘high level of energy and joy’.

With reports of Two Mortals audiences leaving the theatre carrying balloons and dancing out into the night, it would seem this joy is infectious. ‘There is a great deal of stimulating life in this play about death’, Wellingtonians had best book now for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Two Mortals is on Tuesday-Saturday this week, 7.30pm in Circa Two.

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