09 July 2012

Spector: The phenomenon of The BeatGirls

Honorary “BeatBoy” Jason Chasland chats about the phenomenon of the Beatgirls . . . 

Jay Chasland.
About seven years ago I had my first BeatGirl experience. The sequinned costumes had me hypnotised, the choreography was slick, the voices were big and the hair was bigger! I was hooked! Cut to five years later and I meet Andrea Sanders after the opening night of the Circa production The Nero Show I was doing at the time. Our mutual love for all things music and pizazz was like fireworks and thus began my eventual  inauguration as the honorary "BeatBoy". I had my first taste as a BeatBoy performing with the girls at Toast Martinborough, after which I practically begged and bribed them to let me do more with them. When I was contacted to perform in SPECTOR I said "Yes!" before Andrea had finished asking. The music is from my favourite era,  when music was real music and the songs had real singers. Although, in saying that a lot of current and great music since has been inspired by Phil Spector most notably the late, great Amy Winehouse whom I love just as much. 

The BeatGirls. . . these woman are as lovely as they are talented, as funny as they are, well, bloody hilarious; rehearsals are a playground and a creative joy! I cannot wait for us to share this wonderful theatrical concert which features one of my favourite songs. I get to sing  'Unchained Melody' every night in a killer costume, how am I not the most fortunate guy around right now?!

Spector opens 14 July in Circa One and runs until 28 July - that's only a two week season and tickets are going to go fast, so get yours right away! Call the Circa Box Office on 801-7992 or go online at http://www.circa.co.nz/. 

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