23 July 2012

Spector - Inspired Specticle

Don't miss this "Superb Spector - Inspired Spectacle"
Only one more week!

The BeatGirls are bringing the beat back to Circa with a sensational look at the magic and mad life of musical producer Phil Spector!

Reviews have been glowing for the show and with only ONE MORE WEEK left in the season, we hope to see you at Circa Theatre soon for a swinging good time!

THEATREVIEW - Virginia Kennard

“Spector is an impressive range of some 21 well-known hits that showcase the incredible vocal range and talents of the BeatGirls: Andrea Sanders, Caroline McLaughlin and Kali Kopae.”

“The arrival on-stage of honorary BeatGirl Jason Chasland ups the energy levels, the BeatGirls demonstrating their prowess as back-up dancers during ‘Pretty Little Angel Eyes' then sublimely pulling back focus with ‘Spanish Harlem', ‘That Loving Feeling', ‘Don't Worry Baby' and ‘I Can Hear Music'.

Jason is easily a limelight-stealer with his spectacular charisma and universe-filling voice, not least with Ray Charles' ‘What I'd Say' in which The Beatgirls' choreography is well-crafted and Jason's superb waddling physicality a crowd favourite.”

“Overall: a superb Spector-inspired spectacle.”


“ . . . although it is a factual biography of his life in reasonably chronological order, the humorous and almost irreverent way it is told, with many delightfully animated gestures supplementing the dialogue, makes the telling of the Spector story engaging and very entertaining.”

“If the music of the 60's was what you grew up with, then this show is a great nostalgic trip. For those who didn't, go and see it anyway and experience one of our greatest musical eras.”

LUMIERE - Michael Boyes

“The Beatgirls (Sanders, Caroline McLaughlin, Kali Kopae) excel in every particular; voices are crisp and clear, and can grow and diminish in intensity with ease. Even more impressive is each member’s capacity to perform lead and back-up vocals, to the credit of their skill, professionalism and dedication.”

“I would be greatly at fault not to mention the brilliant Jason Chasland, who for the duration of the show has been dubbed an honorary Beatgirl. A voice of remarkable scale and breadth, any attempt at description seems more infomercial than observation; he croons a lullaby one moment and discharges a power ballad the next. His impersonations are hilarious for their accuracy and comic timing, whilst his natural stage persona is staggeringly confident.”

“This is a good night out, quite frankly. Quirky, fun, upbeat. So if you feel like a sing-a-long, or maybe just have a hankering for nostalgia, pop along and enjoy the ride.”

KIWIBLOG - David Farrar

“I saw the Beat Girls for the first time in 2010. They were great. So how do you beat the Beat Girls? Simple – you add in Jason (Jay) Chasland.

Chasland was a rock and roll star. At first glance you might think he is an unlikely star being not very tall and slightly chubby. But my God he was a great performer. He sang and crooned the songs marvelously, and had a real charisma and presence about him. His Ray Charles parody was side sidesplittingly funny. Chasland alone would be worth going to see.”

“The performance is effectively a recital of the life of Phil Spector – from his early genius success through to his conviction for murder. In between numbers, they tell you about his various groups and songs. He may have been a demented misogynistic bastard, but he was a hell of a talented one.”

“It was a great night’s entertainment and I just can’t imagine anyone not enjoying the performance, unless they have been genetically modified in some way.”

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