05 August 2014

The Improvisors go to the Movies ... with Tim Gordon

This week on drama on the waterfront, The Improvisors Artistic Director Tim Gordon talks about their next show at Circa, The Improvisors go to the Movies, opening on Sunday 10 August.

DOTW: Many of the Improvisors work in the movie industry – what insights will this bring to the show? 
TG: Our show climaxed in a complete improv-ed movie but getting to this will mean that some scenes are set in its pre-production . All of the performers are familiar with the auditioning process, the wardrobe calls, the on-set antics of some directors and diva actors, all of this will be explored. But some of our performers are also film makers and script writers.

DOTW: What is your favourite Movie snack?
TG: Popcorn and cold coke are OK but nothing beats the chocolate covered ice creams, rolled , dipped and held frozen in their plastic bags getting harder and harder. The only time I ever seem to eat ice cream is at the movies.

DOTW: What format will The Improvisors go to the Movies take? (games, rival teams . . .)
TG: As I say, the first half is about determining the genre, the stock characters, exploring the auditioning process and the creative technicians of the movie industry, the second half is a long form movie – pulling all this together and creating an entire movie  - well, a short feature anyway.  

Tim Gordon.
DOTW: In rehearsals, what movie genre mash ups cause the most trouble/fun?
TG: The multi-million big block busters complete with months of CGI are kinda hard to re-create in Circa Theatre on a shoestring budget, but with a shared imagination and suspended disbelief  that theatre often requires it can happen.

DOTW: What movie are you looking forward to seeing this year?
TG: I have already loved NZ movies this year (The Dark Horse, What we do in the Shadows, Housebound, Everything We Loved), but I am particularly looking forward to The Dead Lands, complete Te Reo Maori pre-European martial arts movie. 

To book tickets for The Improvisors go to the Movies, visit www.circa.co.nz or call the Circa Box Office on 801-7992.

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