25 August 2014

Destination Beehive: Newest Electorate Hotly Contested

The brand new electorate of Port Nicholson, located in the heart of Wellington City, has proved to be a highly contestable area, with no clear leader coming through in local polls. Despite Wellington's reputation as a liberal Labour stronghold, it appears that the newest subdivision of the population has managed to encompass the entire political spectrum, with candidates from National, Labour, the Greens, NZ First, Conservatives, and Internet Mana all in with a fair chance of election day satisfaction.

Given such a high likelihood of a surprising outcome, it's no surprise that live television election special Destination Beehive will focus on this curious new development in the political landscape. With experienced political reporters Katrina Coleman and Tina Fisher at the helm, this special promises to deliver up-to-the-minute analysis and focussed face-time with party leaders and candidates on the policies and promises that matter to every day New Zealanders. 

Exclusive new digital technology with allow the live studio audience the opportunity to vote on the issues directly, and potentially sway the small but significant electorate.

We went out to the Port Nicholson voters for some insight on what's important to them - join Destination Beehive's live studio audience to see how it all plays out!

What's important to me as a father is the dumbing down of our children by our education system. Children are struggling at basic literacy and numeracy skills, which is limiting their potential for success when they finally enter the job market. Is that good enough? Clearly not. Even with rudimentary literacy, those children are still potential competitors for me in the future. I'd like to see policies that restrict the intellectual development of our youth, and that encourage the use of their bodies for manual labour and road surfacing.
David Napier, 31, Port Nicholson
I'll totes be voting for who has the best personality. If there's one thing the media has taught me this year it's that policy is irrelevant.
Cathy McTavish, 35, Port Nicholson
I always vote green because we need to look after our planet. Who cares about taxes if we keep having super storms which knock out power and basic services for days on end?
Hannah Solo, 32, Port Nicholson
My election issue is: preserving my right to walk around topless
Nadine Bonaparte, 28, Port Nicholson
Vote 1 for the bogans!
Vodka Marie, 60 something, Port Nicholson
Destination Beehive opens Friday, 29 August and runs until Election Night, 20 September. The Thursday, 28 August $25 Preview is nearly SOLD OUT and Opening Night is completely full! Tickets are going quickly for the whole season, so book soon to avoid disappointment. www.circa.co.nz or 801-7992.

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