26 May 2014

Theatresports 2014: half way through the season!

The NZ Comedy Festival may be over, but the glooms of winter are still being driven back by the flames of live comedy at Circa Theatre every Sunday night. The Improvisors are half-way through their season of Theatresports. It’s a format that many people will have seen – two teams of players create short improv comedy scenes as they compete to win points from the specialist judges and the audience. What keeps the whole thing fresh is new performers, new games and - above all else - the fact that every scene is driven by ideas contributed by the audience.

Over the first three nights of the season, our players have used those audience suggestions to create scenes involving everything from a Mothers’ Day celebration at an underwater hockey pool to an encounter between the Apollo moon landing crew and a Russian astronaut, from a reggae song about sausages to (possibly taking first place in the “We really didn’t see this one coming!” stakes) a scene based on an audience member’s memories of filling out a Mexican tax return.

While audience participation is the fuel of the show, it’s the players who get put on the spot, not individual members of the audience. If people want to call out ideas for a scene – excellent! If they prefer to sit back and laugh and applaud as they see fit – also excellent!

The shows are family-friendly, both in their content and in their timing – they kick off at 7:00pm and finish around 8:30pm, which makes them a realistic choice for those who have to think about work/school/just getting out of bed on Monday morning.

So – let The Improvisors help you to get through winter! Back up your flu jab with an injection of improv! Theatresports – Sunday nights at Circa at 7:00pm through to June 15.

To book tickets for Theatresports, visit www.circa.co.nz or call the Circa Box Office on 801-7992.

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