05 May 2014

4 Billion Likes!: 'for everyone, really'

The star of 4 Billion Likes! (one half of 1st Gear Productions' youth theatre double feature), tells drama on the waterfront what to expect from her new show.


Hi! My name is Chloe Anderson and I live in Hamilton but am coming to Wellington to do my show at the Circa Theatre, which starts on May 17th!!

And this is like so exciting because there are basically only two weeks till then and that is actually a really really short time.

Well that’s how it feels to me though maybe to some people it seems really long.

Like maybe if you were in hospital and all you could do was lie there and take pills and stuff it might seem like forever. But when you have so many lines to remember and costumes to wear and music to learn and everything to organize, the days go by really really fast.

I mean its not often people get to do a show that is just about their life.

It’s a bit scary cos I haven’t had a very long one yet – life I mean - and there might be all kinds of people watching who have done really exciting things like been on TV and climbed like Mt Everest or been in a play in Circa One or something. And to them it might seem that I haven’t done anything much yet.

But hopefully there will be people who have like only watched TV and gone to the supermarket and stuff like that and they will find my life really really exciting!!

I think really, that life must be about being young. Because everyone wants to be young and getting old is like the worst thing that could happen to you, and once you are old the only good stuff is maybe getting on the bus free or getting annoyed with how the world has turned out and moaning on about it. But when you are my age there is just so much life happening that sometimes you just have to like eat a few kg of chocolate to handle it. Seriously.

And I suppose that is something I am hoping people will get from my show. That being young and having to eat a lot of chocolate is actually a good thing and I also hope that my story changes people just a little bit even if it is shorter than some grandfather‘s who fought in all those wars and has medals and stuff.

Because I think the title – 4 Billion Likes! - is kind of mysterious and people will ask themselves, what could this be about, you know? Like what has Chloe Anderson done in her so far really really short life to give her show title like that?!

And I am so not going to tell you what actually happens, obviously, or you won’t bother to come and that would mean I would have no-one to tell and I would have so learnt hundreds and hundreds of lines for nothing.

But my show is for everyone really, with short lives and long ones because we are all like, human beings really and I think we all have to eat chocolate sometimes even if we haven’t climbed Mt Everest. So see you there!

4 Billion Likes! opens in Circa Two on 17 May and runs until 1 June. To book, call the Circa Box Office on 801-7992 or visit www.circa.co.nz

Photoes by Stephen A'Court.

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