14 October 2013

The ImpoSTAR: Q & A with Jason Chasland

The ImpoSTAR himself, Jason Chasland, tells drama on the waterfront about the new version of his hit show, revamped especially for the Circa season.

What was your inspiration for The ImpoSTAR?
My inspiration for The ImpoSTAR came from a lot of the celebrities I play within the show itself: Judy Garland in particular has played a huge role in my life. Variety specials like hers and programmes like The Carol Burnett show, Christmas specials and old vaudeville acts were all a sources of inspiration. The show is also part biographical so it's a journey through the things I have lived and learned as an entertainer.

Who are your inspirations in performance/life?
My inspirations performance-wise would have to be Judy Garland, Marilyn Micheals, Gene Kelly, Matt Lucas, Barbra Streisand, Ryan Murphy, Alan Ball and many others.  Not forgetting my family, who are all very musical and have always been a huge support, inspiration and driving force.

What is the rehearsal process?
The rehearsal process begins long before rehearsals start! With workshopping writing and new concepts, and collaborating with designers. Also researching, breaking down and executing each of the voices and the physicality of each impression. It's long, exhausting and so much fun!

What is your favourite part of the show?
My favourite part of the show constantly changes. There are some great moments that we have created, which we are very proud of, but until the audience is there riding the wave with you it's difficult to say. It changes daily, I swear. Haha!

Have you met any of the people you do impressions of?
I've been fortunate to meet some amazing people and celebrities but I actually have not meet anyone I'm performing. I did, however, see Shirley Bassey perform, met Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter and got a personal note and signed programme from Broadway legend Patti Lupone, thanks to my dear friend Mark Dorrell.

What new element are you most excited for our Circa audience to experience?
I'm most excited for the Circa audience to experience the new design elements! The set, costume and lighting designers, combined with my wonderful director, make up a team of amazing woman who are at the top of their game. They have taken ideas off the page and are bringing them to life in magical ways I never thought possible. Of course the show has been complete revamped with new characters and songs which will have the audience in tears; both sad and happy, we hope!

The show literally has something for everyone. Sounds cliche, but it's absolutely true. I can not wait to share this Circa season with a new audience. 

The ImpoSTAR opens on 19 October and runs until 9 November. There are $25 tickets available for the Preview performance on Friday, 18 October and the Sunday matinee on 20 October. To book, please call the Circa Box Office on 801-7992 or visit www.circa.co.nz.

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