07 October 2013

MIDSUMMER – “Laugh your way into wisdom” The Listener

Midsummer director Lyndee-Jane Rutherford talks to drama on the waterfront about her process for this delightful play (with songs).

Midsummer (a play with songs) by David Greig and Gordon McIntyre, is ON NOW in Circa Two. This modern gem, directed by Lyndee-Jane Rutherford and starring comic talents Kate Prior and Byron Coll, is being viewed by critics as hilarious and poignant” The Listener.

Lyndee-Jane Rutherford shares with us how, when she first came across the script, she thought ‘Oh wow, this would be a bit of fun’ to direct, but she explains that it ‘turns out to be one of the hardest things’ she’s had to do.  With fast paced comedy and no stage directions, the script definitely challenged her process and directing approach. 

Director Lyndee-Jane Rutherford.
Lyndee-Jane is an ‘instinctual’ director, shaping a piece as it’s worked on the floor. It became evident to her quite early on in the rehearsal room, that her talented cast like to approach text in a different way, which changed her usual approach as she saw how they needed and wanted to work. It involved more ‘working it out then doing it’.

One thing that was pretty much set from the start of rehearsals were the blocks used as part of the set. They were great to play with and an important part of establishing conventions from day one. “It took a long time, we must have had about 1000 photos of different spaces created with the blocks. It was a process of create, create, create, and then peeling it all right back to find the moments that worked.”

Choosing the right materials for the blocks was a journey on its own. “There were lots of conversations with ‘polystyrene men’ and ‘polystyrene women’, to check ‘so can people jump on these? Can they be thrown around? How sturdy are they?’ we got them really wondering ‘What are you using them for?”

Lyndee-Jane Rutherford is excited to share Midsummer with Wellington – with a perfect balance of spirit, nostalgia and hilarity, she thinks audiences will appreciate the uplifting and bloody enjoyable ride.

On for only two more weeks, and selling fast, don’t miss this funny, arresting and touching two-hander”. Dominion Post.

To book tickets for Midsummer, visit www.circa.co.nz or call the box office on 801-7992.

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