17 September 2013


Circa Two is buzzing with Scottish flair and folk. We’re mid-production week for MIDSUMMER (a play with songs), and if it’s not laughter you’re hearing bounding out of the theatre, than it’s the compelling sound of Byron and Kate’s voices, bringing to life the beautiful turns and tunes of David Greig and Gordon McIntyre.

The two, a pair both on and off stage, have been living the show day and night. With friends bating “OOooo, you’re acting together, just the two of you … - good luck”, it’s been a testament to their four year relationship to date. The two met on a job, and so they already know each other’s working language better than anyone. But as Kate says, “although all the niceties go by the wayside, no matter who you’re working with you need to be professional with your fellow actor…” Bryon confirms “I haven’t been stepped over yet”, to which Kate admits, “I have been bossy.”

But working so closely can be tiresome at times, literally, as when one is about to drift to sleep, the other has a theatrical epiphany, the next hour or two can go by, chattering and creating.  

But the two are in their element, enjoying the challenge and joy of staging the New Zealand premiere of this gem of a show.
Kate has always been a huge fan of David Greig, after having read his play Casanova, soon after leaving drama school a good ten years ago.  She’s excited by Greig’s approach to devised writing/directing, and his work with the theatre company ‘Suspect Culture’.

Byron is loving the cultural context of the play, the vibrant Scottish Celtic world that textures this piece. Bringing out an instrument or two, or three, to throw together a song, makes it such an enjoyable and organic experience for the duo.

With so many great lines to choose from, Byron and Kate plucked these two favourites to share:
“Love is actually just another word for ‘need’ and that when people say ‘I love you’ they say it because they want the other person to say it back to them to make them feel good and it’s actually quite an aggressive thing to say.” Bob, MIDSUMMER.

 “I realised that we were in the middle of the shortest night of the year – midsummer - floating on a tiny patch of night in the middle of a great sea of day this darkness that only belonged to us” Helena, MIDSUMMER.

Directed by Lyndee-Jane Rutherford, this fast paced modern gem is an unmissable treat for the senses.

“You float out laughing as if you’ve just swallowed sunshine on a spoon” – Guardian UK *****

BOOK NOW 8017992 www.circa.co.nz – $25 Preview Tickets available for Fri 20th and Sun 22nd Sep. Season runs 21 Sep – 19 Oct

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