23 September 2013

HALLOWEENIES! The Improvisors Spring School Holiday Show

What if all the things that go bump in the night are just misunderstood?

To round the year off The Improvisors have a special early Halloween treat. Halloweenies presents the least scary cast of spooky misfits you are ever likely to see on stage. No screams here, just big laughs!

"Doing improvised theatre for kids is magic,” says Spooky Improvisor Ian Harcourtt. ”Our audiences get to see that their ideas are listened to and then included in what happens on stage and that makes the whole experience very different from going to a Hollywood blockbuster or watching a TV show. Kids really respond to the opportunity to tell a bunch of grown-ups what to do!"

We would love our audience to dress up with us – ghosts, Batman, fairies and lions are most welcome!  Come along to Circa 2 September School Holidays to check out the creative and interactive fun – for little and big kids!

30 Sept – 13 Oct, 11am (no show Sunday)
BOOKINGS: www.circa.co.nz or 04 801 7992
All tickets $10 (Groups 20+ $8 each)

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