01 May 2012

History Never Repeats

By The Improvisors

During the NZ International Comedy Festival come take an epic journey through time with The Improvisors as they tackle OUR ENTIRE HISTORY*.

Past, present and future – you set the scenes for a series of interwoven improvised takes that travel through time, space and reason.

In this fast-paced comedy romp through history, The Improvisors will make the historical hysterical and the seemingly complex simple in a way you’ve never seen before!

* OUR ENTIRE HISTORY = the fun bits we like

Moments in History WE want to see . . .

“1940, a young man signs up for the NZ Army to fight in the War. He meets a gorgeous but hard mouthed woman while training. They fall in love...when the war is over they find each other again in Dunedin and make some babies...well there is more to it then that....but Grandad never liked telling me stories about the war. I'm sure there was much more to it then that....so...we will just have to make up our own version of history...” - Daniel Pengelly, Improvisor

“I’d like to see the year 476AD - when the Roman Empire finished collapsing and left their concurred territories to put themselves back together and do their own thing.” – Sarah, Audience Member

“The period of history I would have most like to have lived through would have been Berlin from about 1921 to 1933 in the period known as Weimar Berlin. Creatively and culturally it was astounding; German Expressionism in film, the Dadaist art movement, the agitprop theatre of Berold Brecht, popularity of Mysticism, alternate theories on health, radical left-wing thinking. Socially, it is known as one of the most liberal and permissive societies ever. Hedonistic and decadent, sexual liberation way before the 1960s, rampant drug use; people went at it like the world was about to end. Considering the spectre of Nazism that hangs over this time the world did end in many ways. There does remain something truly sad about this period and the way this great social liberalism was soon to be blown away by a scaremongering, racist, repressed madman and a deep, unthinkable evil. Most of the people who made this period great fled, or awaited a much worse fate at home.” - Nic Gorman, Improvisor

“The period from history I want to see is all things prehistoric . . . I think watching monkey men and dinosaurs would be very amusing!” – Brianne Kerr, Improvisor Publicist

"For me history
Means someone else's present
'When?' means less than 'who?'" 
- Deana Elvins, Improvisor 

"I would like to visit the 18th century and see Marie Antoinette utter the famous phrase, 'Let them eat cake!' Well ... she actually said something along the lines of, 'Let them eat brioche!' but it doesn't have quite the same ring, so let's see the popular version!" - Cara Hill, Circa Theatre's Audience Development Director

“I would like to go back to 30AD and see Jesus walking on water, so I know if it really happened.” - Bridget Kidd, Circa Theatre's Marketing Manager

History Never Repeats
1-5 May, 7.30pm
Circa Two, 1 Taranaki St
BOOKINGS: 04 801 7992 or www.circa.co.nz
TICKETS: $18/15

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