28 May 2012

All My Sons: 'a compelling story with a collection of complex, finely drawn characters'

The actors playing the four leading characters in the Arthur Miller classic All My Sons tell drama on the waterfront their reactions to being in the play.

(L to R) Jessica Robinson, Richard Dey, Jeffrey Thomas and Emma Kinane in All My Sons. Photo by Stephen A'Court.

Jeffrey Thomas plays Joe Keller

“I've done a lot of plays at Circa over the years and there are some that I tend to group together - like Chekhov. What do you call such a group? A number? A series? Yes, I've done a series of Chekhov plays and now I seem to be embarked on a series of great American plays. Last year it was August: Osage County, this year All My Sons. The might of Hollywood is such that it tends to overshadow American theatre. These two plays are breathtaking reminders that there are American plays that rightfully deserve to be called "classics" and Arthur Miller is a playwright who gives his characters some wonderful speeches to perform. I just wish things could have worked out better for him and Marilyn.”

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Television - Spartacus.
You may not know … he’s playing the Dwarf King Thror in The Hobbit.

Emma Kinane plays Kate Keller (Joe’s wife)

“Everything about this show is huge; the emotions of the characters, the legacy of the play and the playwright, the production values, the size of the cast and, of course, the audience expectation.  Pretty scary stuff. 

Vintage is in!  It is such a luxury to dabble in 40s fashions and hair.  Paul Jenden has already made two gorgeous dresses that I feel fabulous in - high waists, big shoulders and huge full skirts - you really know you're wearing a dress, you know?  And this weekend I've been playing at home with curlers and setting lotion, experimenting with the best way to get those 40s soft wavy curls.  It's looking so good right now I'm tempted to keep it like this after the show finishes, but I know I won't... it's fun for now, but it's too much work for everyday.  I don't know how they did it.  I guess it had something to do with not having Facebook...”.

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Television – Outrageous Fortune
You may not know … Emma has a feral chihuahua called Phoebe.

Richard Dey plays Chris Keller (their son)

"There is something about Miller. He once said he could not imagine a theatre worth his time that did not want to change the world. It is that sharp passion for theatre that I feel involved in, in being part of this production. I love Miller’s dislike and almost rejection of the 'American Dream' and his insight into the idea that we are all our brothers’ keepers. I am extremely privileged to be part of such an incredible cast and an incredible play." 

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You may not know …  this is Richard’s debut on Circa’s main stage

Jessica Robinson plays Ann Deever (Chris’ fiancĂ©)

“I feel very lucky to be working on this production of All My Sons. This is the kind of play that made me want to be an actor – a compelling story with a collection of complex, finely drawn characters. I feel just as lucky to be working with such a great cast including Dino Casanidis and Beck Taylor who play Burt; it's the first time I've been in a play with a child in the cast.”

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You may not know …  Jessica can sometimes be found singing in cabaret shows around Wellington.

All My Sons opens in Circa One on 2 June and runs until 7 July, with a $25 Preview on 1 June and a $25 Special Sunday on 3 June. To book, call the Circa Box Office at 801-7992 or go online at www.circa.co.nz.

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