16 May 2011

The Improvisors present Greg Ellis in Snake Oil

Citizens of Port Nicholson it is with great cordiality that esteemed pharmacologist and adventurer Dr. Artemis Lovelace invites you to the unveiling of a most excellent elixir!

For those of you who, through no fault of your own but through the geographical exigencies of this benighted colony, are unaware of my vaunted reputation allow me to elucidate my reputation.

I am he who braved the blasted frigidity of the far-flung Hindu Kush to bring back a liver cleansing tincture of such efficacy that the Sultana of Marrakech was completely cured of her apoplexy. I commend to you my services as a man of medicine, a pusher back of the murky boundaries of geography, a connoisseur of tea and an old Oxonian.

Prepare to be amazed, delighted and awed at my tales of research in the field and the development of a draught so wondrous it will alter your existence.

Greg Ellis returns to Circa with his second solo improvised comedy show following last year’s successful Holmes Alone. This time he takes you into the world of Dr. Artemis Lovelace: explorer, raconteur, amateur chemist and snake oil salesman.

Snake Oil is a journey into a world of tall tales, bogus cures and Victoriana, as one man attempts to bring to the stage a tale that is too epic to be true!

Part of the NZ International Comedy Festival 2011, Snake Oil opened on Sunday, 15 May and runs until Wednesday, 18 May. Tickets are only $18, so get yours by calling the Circa Box Office at 801-7992 or going online at www.circa.co.nz

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