23 May 2011

Boomers Behaving Badly

Jane Keller tells drama on the waterfront all about her show, Boomers Behaving Badly.

DOTW: Please tell us about Boomers Behaving Badly – what is the basic premise of the show?

JK: The basic premise for Boomers Behaving Badly is that we may be in our 50s and 60s but we are definitely not past it. We are enjoying life and having a ball!

DOTW: What was your inspiration for this show?

JK: My inspiration for the show was receiving an invitation for my 40th High School Reunion last year.  I couldn't get my head around the fact that 40 years had gone by and gone by so quickly.

DOTW: I understand you enjoyed a sold-out performance of Boomers at the St. James last year; has the show changed at all for its Circa season?

JK: Yes, we did sell out last year in the St James’ Life Is A Cabaret series.  The Circa show has many new songs added and an expanded storyline.

DOTW: This show has required you to do a lot of shopping - can you tell us about that?

JK: Doing a new show is very expensive. I have had two beautiful new dresses made. I bought two new pairs of shoes. Looked all over town. Good old Kirkcaldies! New jewelry and make-up as well. Lots of fun shopping but spending way too much money.

Had fun with Kevin Rush from Spotlight choosing the fabrics for the curtain. We chose beautiful, rich colours.  I hope I am not upstaged by the curtain! We bought the fabrics but Spotlight is not charging us for the making of the curtain. We really appreciate that.

Michael Nicholas Williams and I went out to the PianoShop in Plimmerton.  He played many of their pianos and we chose a lovely one to use for the show.  Cameron, the owner of the shop, gave us a good deal.

DOTW: What can you tell us about your co-conspirators, director KC Kelly and musician Michael Nicholas Williams?

JK: I came up with the idea for the show and I have done it once at The St James.  Michael, KC and I have really expanded the storyline. We had lots of fun making up stories to link the songs together. I sing 22 songs in this show. There are a lot of words to remember!

DOTW: Finally, what can audiences expect from Boomers Behaving Badly?

JK: Audiences can expect to be entertained! They will laugh a lot. Maybe in the few poignant songs, they might even get a bit teary. I hope so.

Boomers Behaving Badly opens in Circa Two on 24 May and runs until 11 June. Get your tickets by calling the Circa Box Office at 801-7992 or going online at www.circa.co.nz. But hurry, the first week is nearly sold out and other performances are filling up quickly!

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