21 March 2011

Fairy Stories: Absolute Legends on Stage

In a drama on the waterfront first, we sat down with the Lighting and Sound Operator/Stage Manager for Fairy Stories, Anneliese Mudge, to find out what goes on in the booth during this fun and fantastic show.

DOTW: What can you tell us about Fairy Stories?

AM: It’s a fantastic romp – for adults. Retelling fairy tales with dance and music, lashings of humour, some naughty, some just plain beautiful to watch.

Fairy Stories. Photo by Stephen A'Court.
DOTW: What is your role?

AM: I am the Lighting and Sound Operator and do a bit of Stage Management – though the cast are very self sufficient and disciplined so they don’t need much managing!

DOTW: I understand you have worked on Fairy Stories before; what is your history with this show?

AM: I did a heap of different shows with Paul, Louis and Kate: Fairy Stories, 2001 Nights, Dance for Dummies’ and more around the Millennium. We did a cracking show New Years Eve 1999, and then I ran off to help with the waterfront pyrotechnics. I also worked on the show that was at the Opera House where the audience was seated on the stage. All of them were really entertaining and fun to work on.

DOTW: How is it to work with Paul Jenden, Sir Jon Trimmer and the rest of the cast?

AM: Just lovely, they are so professional and a joy to watch on stage. They really bring huge personality to the characters they portray. I reckon I had a definite career highlight during pack in week when I got to tape the dance floor down with Louis Solino and Sir John Trimmer.

I really am constantly blown away by Paul’s costumes and all the effort that goes into the show.

Also I leapt at the chance to work with Lisa Maule and Jennifer Lal as Lighting Designers because they are both hugely creative and talented.

Fairy Stories. Photo by Stephen A'Court.
DOTW: Are there any particular challenges involved in working on this show?

AM: Fitting all the fantastic wigs and costumes back stage! Also I have such fun watching the show I find it hard not to sing along and dance about the operator’s booth.

Plus I feel guilty for sitting down while the cast are “WORKING IT to the MAX!”

DOTW: Finally, what should audiences know about Fairy Stories?

AM: It’s really a great night out – there’s razzle and dazzle and you get to see some absolute legends (not just talking fairy tales here) on stage!

Fairy Stories. Photo by Stephen A'Court.
Fairy Stories runs in Circa Two until 9 April. To buy tickets, call the Circa Box Office at 801-7992 or go online at www.circa.co.nz.

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