10 November 2015

Ian Harman for Ache

Ian Harman
Ache is well into its season and receiving excellent reviews! Many of the audience and reviewers have commented on the sleek design of set and costume by Ian Harman. This week on drama* on the waterfront, Ian talks about his process, working on Ache and what else he has coming up.

“The set on this production was incredible. Versatile, stylish, precise. The execution was impeccable and the entire world enchanting.”
-Rosie Cann, Art Murmurs

“…the most stunning feature is the all-wooden set (Ian Harman). It's beautiful watching Buchanan moving its parts between scenes: the slide of the slatted screen from this side to that, the lattice it makes against the horizontal lines of the backdrop, the harmonious minimalism of tone and material. It's a visual pleasure, essential to the play's character.”
-Lena Fransham, Theatreview

Ian Harman talks about his design:

I was attracted to Ache firstly because I love working with director Lyndee Jane Rutherford (LJ) and then secondly, when I read the script I had an instant connection with the piece. I wanted to design a set for a lighting designer to play with, and something that shifted and changed like the relationships in the play. I was interested in how the lattice would work and how we could use the light to define the spaces. I was thrilled with what Marcus McShane brought to the project.

The Set design for Ache.
As for costume I wanted to work with broad brushstrokes and really let the actors work and the direction shine through.

For the overall design I wanted it to say modern, contemporary, utilitarian, and so hot right now. And I wanted it to feel like a very kiwi interior. I feel we achieved that and I love how it works! Finn our builder finished it beautifully and it works effortlessly.

Renee Lyons and Richard Dey performing on Ian Harman's set for Ache.
Other than Ache, currently I am working on costume for Boys at the Beach at Centrepoint. I am directing, choreographing and designing British Invasion for the Abbey Musical Theatre and Designing, choreographing and performing as my alter ego Mr Lola Illusion in a Christmas Burlesque called Jingle all the Way.

The set design for Ache.

Ache continues at Circa until Saturday 21 November.  Book now: 04 801 7992 or www.circa.co.nz

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