23 September 2015

Ralph and Hannah

This week on drama* on the waterfront, we're thrilled to have Ralph McCubbin Howell and Hannah Smith of Trick of the Light Theatre at Circa with their award-winning show The Bookbinder.
Ralph and Hannah recover from their sell-out five-star season at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Q. Tell us about The Bookbinder – what can audiences expect?

The Bookbinder is a dark fairytale that will appeal to everyone who enjoyed The Road That Wasn’t There last year. It is an original story set in a bookbinder’s workshop about an apprentice who fails to heed his instructions and finds himself bound in a book.  We wanted to capture the experience of reading, so during the course of the performance the story comes to life.  It’s intimate, engaging and transformative.
Ralph McCubbin Howell performs The Bookbinder.
Q. You’ve just got back from Edinburgh – how was that?

We had an amazing time doing The Bookbinder at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  The Festival is colossal, and we weren’t sure if we’d get lost in the mix, but audiences really responded to the work.  We were sold out every day of the run, received multiple five-star reviews, and were short-listed for an award. It was really cool to be able to show our strange wee New Zealand story to an international audience and to put our work on the world stage.
Ralph McCubbin Howell performs The Bookbinder.
Q. You’ve been performing this show for the last year – what are you looking forward to about the Circa season?

We’ve done 150-odd performances of the show over the last two years, and it will be really nice to come back and do it in our hometown.  Also, we are usually on tour, packing the piece in and out of a theatre space every day.  At Circa we will be in one venue for two weeks, so we are able to transform the space into something really exciting!
The Bookbinder by Trick of the Light Theatre.
The Bookbinder is on at Circa Theatre for the school holidays.  It will delight adults and children alike.  Suitable for children aged 8 and over.
11am and 7.30pm Tuesday-Saturday
4.30pm Sunday
Book online:  www.circa.co.nz
Or call 04 801 7992

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