15 June 2015



The dynamic and highly acclaimed seasons of Edge and Turning Page at Circa Theatre are almost at an end. Angelica Page is gracing the Circa stage with these two riveting shows that are not to be missed.
Angelica Page as her mother Geraldine Page in TURNING PAGE
"A great play, rich and textured" Tilda Bostwick, Wotzon. Turning Page

"A fine actress, so natural and believable" Tilda Bostwick, Wotzon. Edge

"An incredible glimpse into the world of Sylvia Plath" Tilda Bostwick, Wotzon. Edge
Angelica Page as Sylvia Plath in EDGE
"Angelica's beautifully honed performance offers a rich, multi-layered experience." John Smythe, Theatreview. Edge

"Interesting, insightful and entertaining" John Smythe, Theatreview. Turning Page

"Paradoxically life-affirming" John Smythe, Theatreview. Edge
Angelica Page as Sylvia Plath in EDGE
Audiences experiencing TURNING PAGE have been privy to stories of the greats; "I felt quite voyeuristic watching it though, maybe because of the star quality of the many names being dropped and the craziness of the lives being lived." Tilda Bostwick, Wotzon.
Angelica Page as her mother Geraldine Page in TURNING PAGE

James Dean, Marlon Brando, Tennesee Williams, Miles Davis, Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne are just a few of many greats mentioned, whose lives were intertwined with the great Geraldine Page, mother to Angelica Page. This beautiful exploration of mother and daughter leaves the audiences with a unique and generous glimpse into the worlds of Hollywood and Broadway.
Angelica Page as her mother Geraldine Page in TURNING PAGE
Whether or not you know Sylvia Plath and her great works, EDGE is a "powerful, brilliantly performed" (Dominion Post) and moving account of the life of this great poet, and it is "impossible not to be drawn in" (Theatreview).
Angelica Page as Sylvia Page in EDGE
"Angelica embodies the subjective reality of Sylvia – or Sivvy, as her mother called her – with a profound blend of insight, vulnerability, sardonic humour and bitter-sweet compassion." John Smythe, Theatreview.

"What is so moving about Angelica Page's enthralling performance is how she conveys the fluidity of Plath's mercurial temperament and at the same time showing Plath taking the audience into her confidence and winning it over to her side with her sardonic humour." Laurie Atkinson, Dominion Post.
Angelica Page as Sylvia Plath in EDGE
"Angelica is a fine actress, so natural and believable, we are so taken into Sylvia’s world, her history, her life and her pain that when the end is nigh I wanted to leap on stage; save the children, turn the stove off and kill Ted, instead I rushed home and did some serious Google research into the life and times!" Tilda Bostwick, Wotzon.

Don't miss these breathtaking shows - only 5 shows left - Must end Saturday!

Makes sure you hurry and book in now 8017992 or at circa.co.nz

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