17 February 2015

Wake Up Tomorrow: Chicken’s off the menu

This year as audiences embark on the journey of a lifetime with Wake Up Tomorrow, chicken or fish won’t be served. Chicken’s cut because the youth no longer want to play poultry, instead they’re guns blazing, more confident than ever before.

Julie Sarros & Jasmine Waetford
During the team’s newest workshopping session’s different personal experiences were brought out. For Jasmine Waetford, one of her most fearful moments in life was her first solo journey getting from Lower Hutt to the city.

This year Jasmine’s already overcome so much, moving into her first flat and deciding that she wanted to keep living in Wellington by herself. Her mum’s moved up north but Jas couldn’t bear the thought of losing her friends…or not being in Wake Up Tomorrow. Jasmine was new to ACTIVE in last year’s version of the show and so had a smaller part, this time around she’s been involved in crafting a whole lot of new characters.

Janiece Pollock & Catherine McBride
Janiece Pollock shared her experience of standing up at school to do her speech and just freezing. She’s now so confident in the devised script she’s been supporting others when they stumble. She was adamant after the last version of Wake Up Tomorrow she would no longer play a chicken. She’s proven herself so much to the team that the story’s now shaped around her character.

Tess Francis & Duncan Armstrong
ACTIVE Airlines is calling all remaining passengers to board the airplane and buckle in for this surreal long-haul flight spectacular that is WAKE UP TOMORROW.  21-28th February.

To book for Wake Up Tomorrow, visit www.circa.co.nz or call the Circa Box Office on 801-7992.

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