06 October 2014

Improv for Kids: Introducing Your Child to the Arts

This week on drama on the waterfront, find out about the benefits of introducing children to theatre from a young age (and then bring them along to Improv for Kids so they can enjoy those benefits!).

Dramatic Play for Children

Children of all ages love to pretend. As toddlers, they mimic things they see in everyday life. In preschool, they recreate familiar roles and events. By elementary school age, they act out stories, creating original plots, adapting fairy tales or children’s books. As children leave early childhood, they enter a new stage of drama that is a more formal type of play-acting—going on stage to present prepared scripts.

For young children, the theatre arts are best thought of as informal endeavors that extend the natural habits of play and learning. In prekindergarten and elementary classes, children learn the basics of structuring their “pretending” for presentation to an audience. More advanced skills—acting, directing, scene and costume design, playwriting, and stage management—come after elementary school.

In addition to creating theatre in its many forms, children benefit from seeing it. Theatre for young audiences, also known as children’s theatre, is dramatic theatre performed by professionals specifically for an audience of children.

As young children take part in drama, they gain many benefits:
  • Knowledge of and skill in theater arts.
  • Improved literacy skills—reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Development of imagination and aesthetic awareness.
  • Independent and critical thinking and increased ability to solve problems.
  • Social growth and the ability to work with others.
  • A healthy release of emotion.
  • Fun and recreation.
Educational theatre offers parents benefits as well:
  • Time spent with their child in creative moments.
  • Insights into the observations, impressions, interests, fears, and humor that their child reveals.
  • Opportunities to witness their child’s developmental growth.
  • The chance to help their child understand some of life’s dilemmas.

CREDIT: National Endowment for the Arts and http://www.education.com/


For the last school holidays of the year come along to Circa for a show that lets kids get involved in live theatre in a way that only an Improvisor show can. Their suggestions, sound effects, even props and costumes = their show!

Every show is unique – crafted for children who are there, so whether your child is in to fairy pirates or break dancing unicorns; we can make it happen.

This is a show where you can have a giggle alongside your kids, with loads of opportunities to shout out, dance, wriggle and move and be part of the action this is pure, school holiday fun.

AGES: perfect for 4 – 12 years old  / RUNNING TIME: 45 - 55 mins

“Genuine Family Entertainment” - Capital Times

29 Sept – 11 Oct, 11AM
Circa Theatre
BOOKINGS: 04 801 7992 / www.circa.co.nz
TICKETS: $10 (each) / Groups 20+ $8 (each)

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