08 September 2014

Destination Beehive: Imagine if elections sold out (it’s a stretch, but work with us here)

Imagine, if you will, that elections were even more of a performance than they already are.

If in order to have your vote count, you had to keep an eye on the Beehive’s website, and keep track of when the date was announced. You had to check in with your friends and family, and make sure the date was one you could get along to. Organise a babysitter, book in at a restaurant for dinner, dress up a little bit, go along and watch a song and dance from all of the candidates and then at the end, register your vote. And if you failed to get organised and heed the warnings - ‘The election is selling out! Limited votes left! Book yours now!’- well then, you would have no say on the make-up of our totally serious and entirely respectable body of representatives.

Lucky for you and for every New Zealander, voting is nowhere near as limited as tickets left for Destination Beehive. There’s no limited bookings, no date wrangling you need to play along with, and you can definitely bring your kids with you while you give the government two ticks. You can vote at an early voting booth, you can vote from overseas, heck - you can vote having read or watched absolutely nothing from any of the candidates (we do not encourage this but dammit, it’s possible).

But for those of you who DO enjoy a bit of a song and dance, and found the imagination game above to be rather appealing, you’ve not got much time left - at time of posting, 10 of the remaining 13 performances of Destination Beehive are already SOLD OUT. Imagine if you missed out...

Get in quick! To try to get tickets to a performance of Destination Beehive, on until Election Day, 20 September, call the Circa Box Office on 801-7992 or visit www.circa.co.nz

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