11 November 2013

Meet the Cast of Mother Goose!

Meet the talented cast of Mother Goose - The Pantomime!

Gavin Rutherford  (Mother Goose)
(Aladdin - The Pantomime, The Price)
“I'm looking forward to this fantastic summer of pantomime. This year's cast is fantastic and with a fresh look at the writing and music, I'm sure there will a fabulous time had by all in Nurseryville! I'm looking forward to trying to keep up with the talented young newcomers - Kathleen Burns, Simon Leary and Richard Osborne. They bring a wild array of amazing humour, improvisation, singing and creativity to our panto world. Grab a Christmas group and I'll meet you down at the chicken farm!!”

Lyndee-Jane Rutherford (Lucy the Goose)
(Cinderella – The Pantomime, Grumpy Old Women (tour))
“It's wonderful to be playing Lucy Goose. I'm having fun in the rehearsal room doing my best panto comedy goose interpretations. It's been lovely to experience the laughter in the rehearsal room as I run around honking and goosing."

Kathleen Burns (Jill)
(Grease (Court), Avenue Q (Fortune) )
"The rehearsal room is delightful madness... A promise of magical show ripens... This is a pantomime for all who want a good giggle this summer so don't miss out! Book now, I'll see you at the bar after."  

Jude Gibson (Marjory Daw / Count)
(Red Riding Hood – The Pantomime, The Price )
“This truly is a pantomime for everyone - no matter what your age, your gender, your persuasion - there's something for EVERYONE!!!  Come and join in the antics, the fun, the laughter, the adventure, and the love!!!!  A great cast brings a brand new panto from the pen of Michele Amas to the Circa stage for the first time!  Come and be a part of panto history in the making!”

Simon Leary (Simon)
(Mates and Lovers (Downstage), Chekhov in Hell)
“With original music, a witty contemporary script and a talented cast of actors, Mother Goose is gonna be a dream summer job for me, and a great night out for audiences.”

Richard Osborne (Jack)
(Public Service Announcement (Bats), Mancub (Basement Ak))
“Growing up in England, a visit to the Pantomime was as much a part of Christmas as decorating the Christmas tree or building a snowman. The thrill of venturing out on a  blustery winters day to witness the spectacle of the Panto has never left me; now it's my honour to share the magic, awe and wonder I felt as a child with a cool Kiwi crowd in the capital.”

John Wraight (Squire Diddly Squat / Henchman)
(Cinderella – The Pantomime, Robin Hood - The Pantomime)
It is so cool to be in yet another panto at Circa. The tradition keeps growing wonderfully with each show.  Mother Goose is shaping up beautifully with some great characters and lovely vibrant music. I always feel like it's the fun end of the year when the pantomime comes around. Bring it on!?”

Michelle Scullion (Musical Director & musician)
"Back in the 70s I was in my first Pantomime - Pinocchio - back then I played The Cricket, Frog, Bird, Tight-rope Walker, and The Fairy. In Mother Goose I play the keyboard, Cabassa, Alto Flute, Computer, Tambourine and a whole range of other "Hitty" things. For me, Pantomime is LOFFASOTS - Loads of Fun From All Sides of The Stage!!!!!  Great team, fantastic production - heaps of laughs - what else is a Pantomime mean to be?”

Mother Goose opens on 16 November and runs until 22 December, reopening for a short post-holiday season 2-11 January. There will be $25 tickets specials on Friday, 15 November and Sunday, 17 November. An audio described performance will take place on Sunday, 15 December. To book, visit www.circa.co.nz or call the Circa Box Office on 801-7992.

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