22 July 2013

C - A Musical: not a traditional musical

In this week's post, composer Gareth Farr talks to drama on the waterfront about the music in C and working with Jackie Clarke.

This is the fifth musical that Paul and I have written – and strangely enough it’s the one that is least like a traditional musical. It falls into a nameless genre of “play with songs and poems” – and without a doubt it’s my favourite stage project to date. Paul made it clear to me that this would be a very different type of work at the beginning of our creative process – and that I would be able to write music that is more akin to the music I write for classical ensembles, such as orchestra, string quartet – and most importantly operatic voice and solo piano.

The music is in the form of two simultaneous song cycles – the moody and dark journey to an imagined and metaphorical Venice, in which I am the most experimental with my musical language; and the ‘voice inside my head’ songs – where I am a little closer to the fun bouncy music Paul and I have reveled in in the past.

Working with a superstar like Jackie Clarke has been an utter privilege and joy – she is one of those incredible artists who can just do ANYTHING – and I have been so bowled over by her interpretation of my music, and her utter dedication to the project. Sue Alexander is the other musical genius on the project – her magic fingers are unstoppable, and I have written music that is about as difficult to play as a Rachmaninov Concerto.

– Gareth Farr

C – A Musical is well-paced, highly entertaining, deeply moving, honest, witty, informative, imaginative and, above all, very, very human. - Theatreview

"Every component of the show – the writing, the music, the professionalism of the performers – is well-honed and pitched just right in order to draw us in to the storyteller's world." - Theatreview

"As the narrator Me (Jenden) Danny Mulheron is excellent, totally engaging, warm and full of humanity towards his subject matter." - The Dominion Post

"Jackie Clarke is The Voice Inside My Head, who expresses all his feeling, both light and dark, through song. Not only is Clarke a great singer but she is also a consummate performer who is able to express both the joy and the pain of the experiences through the lyrics and music." - The Dominon Post

"At times it is very funny and uplifting. At times very sombre and sad. You ride a bit of an emotional roller-coaster, but well worth seeing." - Kiwiblog

Photos by Stephen A'Court.

C - A Musical runs until 10 August. To book, call the Circa Box Office on 801-7992 or visit www.circa.co.nz.

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