13 May 2013

Our Next Million Bums ...

In November of last year, Circa Theatre launched our Millionth Bum Campaign, where we welcomed the Millionth Patron to our Waterfront theatre and introduced plans to upgrade the seats in Circa One and eventually the theatre itself. We have since received a good response to our call to support the funding of the new seating system. Donations have been received and we are happy to report that we have reached the first significant milestone of $50,000!

An example of one of the new seats is on display in the foyer - try it out next time you're in the building!

However, we still have a long way to go if we are to meet our deadline of installation in mid January 2014. If you can help, please do! Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted, but $1000 or more will get you a plaque on the back of one of the new seats - you will effectively 'own' a piece of Circa!

An example of the new seats is in the foyer and we urge you to try it and give us some feedback on its comfort, ease of use and design. What you will not see, of course, is the added aisle width and step configuration that will make the theatre so much more user friendly.

To donate, fill out one of the forms in the foyer or call the box office on 801-7992.

Thank you for your support!

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