11 February 2013

Minskie and Ron explore the Gap: The Seemingly Impossible

By Gina Vanessi
Less than a week to go now!!
 In the spirit of Minksie and Ron explore the Gap - 
A list of things which are seemingly impossible:
*Licking your elbow.
*Licking someone’s soul
*Licking your own liver (unless you’ve just had a transplant, but that doesn’t count)

*Growing your fingernails and toenails so long that they grow in different directions and meet each other on the other side of the world
*Wearing your face inside-out
*Wearing your torso upside-down
*Training your ribs to knit
*Training your knitting to drive

*Painting the sand with your toothbrush
*Touching your feelings
*Flying cats (although I do keep dreaming this will one day be possible)

*Frying cats (it is possible. But it’s very very wrong.)
*Dressing the clouds in pyjamas
*Dressing your pyjamas in clouds
*turning off the all of the stars
*Drinking milk while whistling at the same time

*Missing out on seeing Minksie and Ron explore the Gap at Circa during the Fringe. IT’s JuST NoT POSSiBLE

(FYI, this was a difficult list to write. Every time I thought of something I then thought of how it could be possible – such as a baby being born with clothes on. This is possible. Drinking milk through your fingertips. This could also be possible, but very very time consuming.)
Come see our play.
It's really cheap because it is a Fringe Festival Show!!
Minksie and Ron explore the Gap, 15-23 Feb. Tickets $18 / $14 conc. / $12 addict. Call 801-7992 or visit www.circa.co.nz to book.
And finally a word from some of New Zealand's greatest writers (yes they are actually quotes):
“Good luck with Minksie and Ron (wtf is that?!!!)” - Roger Hall
"Minksie sounds like a porn name (mine are Dick Hiropi and Misty Jefferson). I’m sure it’ll be an intriguing and fascinating show – just what the Fringe needs!" - Dave Armstrong
"I trust no adorable furry minksies were harmed in the making of this entertainment?" - Ken Duncum

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