28 January 2013

Minksie and Ron explore the Gap

It’s surreal, it’s a little bit absurd. It’s blasphemous and heretical at times. Ron and Minksie playfully argue how the stuff of stuff-ness works. Sometimes they watch the window. There are people in the window; a prostitute, a jar collector, a child, an athlete. There’s a man who is always drunk and a woman who is always organising. These people are all linked, it is revealed.

“I love this sh**!” This is me. I wrote the play. I love this stuff.
I’m a big sucker for Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra and the ideas they present. I recently read Anita Moorjani’s book about her near-death experience as well. I think I know what she means, and it sounds right to me. I also love learning about Quantum physics and the weird stuff that happens when people do experiments like Chandra Bose hooking plants up to electromagnetic response devices and Masaru Emoto’s water crystals.
As blasphemous and heretical as it sounds, what if WE are god? All of us, together? I’ve got a feeling people have been stoned to death for suggesting this. But when I heard this most recently, I started to feel something, in my chest. And that’s where the play starts. It’s a journey, into the god-space in my chest. Perhaps you have one too.
Green screens, Family, and Trips to Gizzy
Three weeks out till opening of our Fringe play! Eek!
We have been very busy.
Minksie and Ron explore the Gap has a multimedia component to it, with a portal that opens and closes throughout the play. We’ve been experimenting with Pepper’s Ghost. If you’ve seen “ A Millennium Ago” at Wellington Museum of City and sea you’ll know the type of effect we’re looking for. People seemingly appear out of nowhere in the space, like ghosts. For Minksie and Ron it’s going to be a portal that opens to another world.
In order to achieve this effect, we’ve been playing around with a green screen courtesy of our friends Christof and Susi at ApeOnAWhale Productions. Christof and Susi filmed the scenes in front of a green screen and Gavin has been editing these short clips and adding a swirly effect to make it look like a space-age portal kind of thing. We’ve been going for eighties sounds reminiscent of teleportals, synth-pop and Uncle Travelling Matt to complete the concept. 

“Do you want sores? I love doing sores!” Allie, Gavin’s sister made us look old and dirty with her amazing make up skills.
It’s turning out to be a bit of a family venture.
A child features in one of the clips, which my ten year old daughter Mikayla obliged to play. Getting her to remember her lines was a lot easier than the adults. She was the only one who didn’t need a cue board. Getting her to sing loud however, was a bit more of a challenge.

“I wish the Pantomime would last all year! Instead of all those other boring plays you do.” Mikayla is Circa theatre’s biggest fan (and critic).
Last week I had to travel to Gisborne for work. We decided to all go and make a bit of a holiday of it. Work isn’t too bad when you get to hang out in sunny Gisborne with the people you love! We took our scripts along so we could learn some lines. Caitlin, Gavin’s 12 year old daughter was roped in as prompt. She tried to hide her frustration of adults not being able to remember things that she’s already repeated three times!

“I think you guys are too tired for this tonight,” the long suffering, ever-patient Caitlin.
Three weeks to go. So much to do! Please do your bit to help and book your tickets now!!!
Playwright and performer,
Gina Vanessi
Minksie and Ron opens in Circa Two as part of the fringe Festival on 15 February, and runs until 23 February. Regular tickets are just $18! To book, call the Circa Box Office or visit www.circa.co.nz.

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