16 April 2012

Theatresports: No one really knows what is going to happen!!

Even though he doesn’t speak in the current Circa hit, A Shortcut to Happiness, actor Tim Gordon has no trouble telling drama on the waterfront all about The Improvisors and the upcoming season of Theatresports.

Tim Gordon. Photo by Rebecca Thomson, The Wellingtonian.
DOTW: What is your involvement with The Improvisors?

TG: In 1990 a group of actors started The Improvisors. Grant Tilly was the director of our first show Suspect – an improvised murder mystery at the old Circa. He understood improvisation and was a mentor over the first years.

Twenty two years on we are still rocking Circa Theatre. Myself along with Ian Harcourt and Greg Ellis go back most of that time.

DOTW: For those who might not know, what IS Theatresports?

TG: Theatresports is a hugely popular improvisational comedy format where teams compete to entertain and enact improvised stories under certain rules that govern a scene.

DOTW: Can you give us a bit of the history of Theatresports at Circa? When did it start? Why? Memorable victories?

TG: Theatresports grew out of Canada in the late eighties and came to New Zealand via Australia soon after. Wellington strongly embraced it and Sunday night became the traditional night because all the professional theatres were black allowing for availability of actors.

Wellington has won more National Championships than any other centre and our unique style was to create real, truthful, but still funny stories.

Otherwise Fine, 1989 Theatresports 
DOTW: What’s the inside scoop on this year’s season? Who should we look out for? Who do you think will win?

TG: This year the old guard will still be creaking the boards but snapping at our heels are a new breed who have recently been recruited through a series of workshops. It will make for an exciting season.

DOTW: Anything else to add about the 2012 Theatresports?

TG: My boys are now 12 and 10 and have been avid fans for a couple of years and there is no way that they will miss a night in the 2012 Season, whether I’m performing, MC-ing or Judging. Even when I am not cast in a certain show they will insist we go. The Improvisors Theatresports shows have always been a family show. We often see three generations come together and there is something for all of them because they all love the excitement of seeing a show at which no one really knows what is going to happen!!

The 2012 season of Theatresports starts on Sunday 29 April, and runs every Sunday thereafter until 1 July. Show times are at 7pm weekly. Tickets are available now! Get yours by calling the Circa Box Office at 801-7992 or go online at www.circa.co.nz.

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