01 August 2011


Exclusive fashion and dynamic character – 
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Eight is all about firsts for Circa Theatre; it is the first time that the outcome of each performance depends solely on the discretion of the audience, who have the opportunity to vote for their cast ahead of time at www.eight-circa.com or at the theatre before the show, when volunteers will collect votes using an iPhone application.

It is also the first time that a Circa production has partnered with a group of New Zealand’s leading fashion designers, bringing together two creative industries in a way not often seen in Wellington theatre. Each designer was carefully selected for a particular character, and was given that character’s monologue in order to become well acquainted with him or her. The wardrobe was chosen to both remain faithful to the script and showcase the designer’s brand. The result is an innovative partnership between fashion and theatrical character that works well within the play’s unique concept.

 “The play gives voice to a generation that has grown up in a globalised world where the internet has allowed for cross sector collaboration in many different contexts, so such a partnership seemed a great fit for this production. When we came up with the idea to partner with fashion designers to give audiences another level of clarity when making their choices we could never have imagined the insights the application of their creativity has given us into the characters and the project as a whole.” – Simon Vincent, Director.

Below are some quotes from some of our designers describing their collaboration with Eight:

Madame Hawke (Millie)
Millie is a typical Madame Hawke girl; confident and charming, powerful and playful, modern yet with a classic touch. Working with Eight continues the process of collaboration with other creative talents that Madame Hawke values so greatly.” – Eleisha Balmer, Brand Manager, Madame Hawke www.madamehawke.com

NOM*d (Mona)
It’s great to be involved and contributing to other creative collaborations! Individual style has much to do with personality and confidence, which can be defined by the clothes one wears. Mona is a NOM*d girl.” – Margarita Robertson, Creative Director, NOM*D www.nomd.co.nz

Mandatory (Miles)
Simon Vincent is an exciting director and he has certainly brought a fresh project of many layers with this play. We have been working in one tight component of the overall play, but how much will Miles be seen? That’s out of our hands. As we get closer to opening night, anticipation grows about seeing the other stories.” – Clare Bowden, Designer, Mandatory www.mandatory.co.nz

Lonely Hearts (Astrid)
"We're really excited Eight wanted Lonely Hearts to be involved and can't wait to see the play!" – Keya Matthews, Sales & PR, Lonely Hearts www.loneleyheartslabel.portableshops.com

Marvel Menswear (Andre)
“I received an information pack on the play Eight alongside the usual pile of emails both useful and useless, this is always a chore to go through and the temptation to press delete for all quite strong. However, with Eight, the concept grabbed me straight away and upon reading Andre’s monologue it proved too well written and intriguing; I was hooked! It is always exciting for us to be involved with the Theatrical Arts community as we feel a natural camaraderie with the creative industries in general. Can’t wait to see the play although we might have to go every night considering it’s going to be such a moving feast!” – Linz Ariell, Director, Marvel Menswear www.marvelmenswear.co.nz

Eight opens on 6 August and runs until 3 September. Tickets are available by calling the Circa Box Office at 801-8137 or going online at www.circa.co.nz

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