11 July 2011

Ye Olde School Holiday Fun: A Knight to Remember

About to set forth on a quest for his fifth school holiday kids show, Sir Greg Ellis of the Kingdom of Improvisor takes a moment to tell the royal scribe drama on the waterfront all about A Knight to Remember.

DOTW: What is the general story of A Knight to Remember?

GE: The show is about a knight who has lost his memory and can't remember how or why it happened. He needs the help of the audience to get him to remember.

DOTW: Where did this idea come from? Why do a knight storyline?

GE: It came from a weak pun in a potential title, I'm afraid.

DOTW: How will this one differ from the other kids shows that you have done?

GE: As they are all improvised they differ from each other even in a season. But I think this one will place more emphasis on the improv. The choices the kids make for us will really steer things along.

DOTW: This is the fifth kids show the Improvisors have done at Circa; what is the most hilarious thing that has happened during a performance?

GE: We've had a fair number of kids just wander onstage during the show and not leave - that's always fun. We try not to kick them off and work with them like they're supposed to be there.

DOTW: Have there been any stand out audience members, either for their reaction to the show or their participation?

GE: We also had a little boy in our Pirates show who was being a shark for us. He took his job VERY seriously and kept head-butting Ian who was the bad pirate! It's always the audience who provide our laborite moments.

DOTW: Finally, why should parents bring their kids to A Knight to Remember?

GE: Because it's a show for kids that ends up getting made with their help. They're not passive passengers in this show. And it's fun for parents too!

A Knight to Remember opens in Circa Two on 18 July and runs throughout the school holiday with a final performance on 30 July. Performance times are Monday through Friday at 11am and 1pm and Saturday at 11am. Tickets are $10 per person. To book tickets, please call the Circa Box Office at 801-7992 or visit www.circa.co.nz

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