04 April 2011

Wharfside Restaurant: Behind-the-scenes with chef Dan Dubois

New Wharfside chef Dan Dubois takes times from his busy schedule to take drama on the waterfront behind-the-scenes at Circa's favourite restaurant.

DOTW: How long have you worked at Wharfside and in what capacity?

DD: I started working at Wharfside in May 2009, so it has almost been two years! I started as everyone does, just working casually,  and asked for more and more shifts, as life as a student got more and more expensive! I have moved my way around every area of that place! Now to the kitchen, the place that excites me most. 
DOTW: What is your background?

DD: I've been interested in food since I can remember! So it was inevitable that the hospitality industry was going to play a part in my life. I got my first job in a kitchen when I was 16, washing dishes and playing fetch for the chef. I got promoted and there was no other future it seemed! I have spent the last two years studying culinary arts at Weltec and now I never want to stop learning about food! It's just so delicious. 

DOTW: Are you excited about your new role as chef at Wharfside, and what do you see for the future in that position?

DD: I am excited for many reasons in my new role at Wharfside. Of course the main reason is that I get to work with a fantastic team who are passionate about quality food! I have the opportunity to create a fresh, innovative, locally sourced menu with a slight lean towards seafood. We are called Wharfside after all! For the future I would like to see Wharfside  focusing on bringing non-theatre goers in to dine, promoting Circa and the shows further! 
DOTW: What challenges if any, does working as a chef at a quality dining establishment in a theatre environment provide?

DD: Time! Time! Time! I feel this is the main challenge within a theatre/dining environment, everything has to be well organised, The kitchen at Circa has one of the shortest service times in Wellington, often catering for 50-100 people in just over an hour, and often for three courses! 
DOTW: Wharfside caters for a lot of events at Circa; how would you rate Wharfside/Circa as a venue and what do these events mean for you in your role as chef?

DD: We cater for some very large corporate clients, and with its location, its combination of great food, excellent service and exciting theatre, Whafside/Circa is a venue I rate very highly. I enjoy catering for large functions, It gives me and my team a different challenge! It's especially exciting creating new cocktail items.
DOTW: Do you get along to the Circa shows, and do you have a favourite?

DD: I get along to as many as I can! I wish I could go to more. Sadly I work evenings Tuesday-Saturday. I don't really have the best job for theatre going! Often the shows are sold out when I do have time off.  I cannot wait to see August: Osage County, I have heard such great things. 

Wharfside Restaurant is open for pre and post show dining, in addition to the operation of a daytime cafe. To make a reservation, please call 801-7996. 

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