14 February 2011

The gloves will come off when The Improvisors present IMPROV CAGE MATCH at Circa Theatre

FROM The Publicist Feb 1st 4.43pm

Hi Pete and Greg,

So my idea for our Circa Blog post is to put up a improv slag match!

So gentlemen, you have from now until Friday to write a Cage Match insult tirade of epic proportions here in this Facebook message box - I'll copy it into a printable blog when you're done!

And . . . GO!

X The Publicist

FROM Greg Ellis Feb 4th 8.13am

It is quite clear to me, Pete Doile, that you are ducking me. I had already expected to see some insults here but you've had nothing to say for yourself and I know why....

You fear me

Simple as that.

Sure outside the ring you can break boards and pull off one inch punches but inside the Cage at Circa Theatre you know that not only will I break you like a cinder block but I'll sweep you up and tidily and conscientiously put you in a council rubbish bin and leave you out...

with the trash

FROM Pete Doile Feb 4th 3.59pm


I wasn’t ducking you, nor do I fear you, your assumption will be your down fall.
Come The Improvisers Cage Match not only will you be defeated but also you will finally realise that it will be I that “sweeps the floor” with you for the only sound that you will hear from the audience will be that of uncomfortable silence and the odd shuffle of feet.

I may not have the skill set you offer but I do have something that will match and overwhelm any attempt you have to overthrow me.

Greg, your time has come, your number is up, the people have spoken.

Your %$#@ is mine

The Improvisors Present:

22-26 February, 7.30pm
Circa Two, 1 Taranaki St, Wellington
Bookings: 04 801 7992 or www.circa.co.nz

2 Teams + 3 Rounds x 40 Minutes Each - No Rules = Improvised Hilarity!

Wellington’s best improv comedians go head to head with no rules and only a stopwatch to separate them!

Each night two teams of top improv comics clash to showcase their own styles of improvisation in a show that promises to be truly unpredictable.

Theatresports mixes with WWE RAW, music and satire sits alongside silliness, in a combustible brew that spills out of the ring and into the audience.

21 years ago this month The Improvisors staged their first show at the original Circa Theatre and they begin their 21st birthday celebrations in raucous style this February with Improv Cage Match.

In certain parts of society, no 21st birthday party is complete without a bit of a scuffle so The Improvisors decided to get this out of the way first up with a show that is improv comedy at its rawest, no-holds barred best.

There are a few egos among the folk here at The Improvisors,” says Artistic Director (and possessor of one of the bigger Egos) Greg Ellis. “And this will be a chance for those performers to really show whose best by tailoring their part of the show to suit their strengths perfectly. In most of our shows performers are out of their comfort zones trying things they may not be totally at home with, say singing, dancing or Shakespeare. Not this time.

Be part of the action, fuel for the scenes, decide the overall winner and laugh till it hurts! The gloves come off from 22 – 26 February. Don’t miss it.

Proud to be part of the 2011 Fringe Festival

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