12 July 2010

Gnome sayin'?

Halfway through their second kids’ show ever, The Improvisors are delighting audiences with their tale of Norman the Gnome and his quest to get home. Improvisor Greg Ellis tells DOTW all about Gnome on the Roam and what is was that made The Improvisors break into the world of children's theatre.

DOTW: Tell us a little bit about Gnome on the Roam – what is the general story?

GE: The general story is about a bored garden gnome called Norman who wants to travel. He gets his wish but is stranded in a strange land and needs to find his way home.

DOTW: I understand that The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, at Circa during the last school holiday, was The Improvisors’ first foray into the world of kids shows. What made you guys decide to put on a show for kids?

GE: We’ve gone from being a company of largely foot-loose and fancy free singles, to getting married and having families. We wanted to do shows our own kids could enjoy and understand the silliness of their folks’ profession.

DOTW: What can you tell us about your experience in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

GE: It was great fun! We enjoyed doing the shows much more than we imagined. Kids are much more unpredictable than adults and kept us on our toes!

DOTW: What are the differences in putting on an improvised show for children versus doing one for an adult audience? Which is more challenging?

GE: The great thing about improv is that you work with whatever audience is in front of you so there’s not much difference.

Except for the odd bit of self-censoring.

DOTW: What age range does Gnome on the Roam appeal to?

GE: We’re aiming at 3-10 but were surprised last time with how many older kids came and enjoyed it. The thing that we are aiming to do is work on lots of levels so there’s plenty for all ages.

DOTW: As you said, many of The Improvisors have young children of their own. How do your own kids respond to the shows?

GE: We had many of our kids along to rehearsals as test audiences and some of them managed to go to Sorcerer’s four times during the season as well!!!

My little girl George is a particular fan and loves the song from the new show so much we recorded her performing it for a web trailer!

DOTW: Is there anything else that audiences should know about Gnome on the Roam?

GE: The show is great fun for everyone. It’s a given that the kids will enjoy it but we just want the adults out there to realize that there’s plenty for them to enjoy too. Often adults would rather eat their own heads than sit through a kid’s show – this is not one of those!!!

DOTW: Where do you hope Norman ends up on his travels away from the Armbrewster’s garden?

GE: We don’t have any particular hopes –we’re ready to be surprised. Bring it on!

Gnome on the Roam is on at Circa until 17 July. For tickets, call 801-7992 or visit http://www.circa.co.nz/.

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