31 May 2010

Theatresports – a view from inside the creative chaos!

By: The Improvisors

We’re now six weeks into what is shaping up to be a classic season of Theatresports in Circa Two. Wellington’s finest Improvisors are duking it out for the Wellington Heavyweight Improv Belt – it’s just like pro wrestling, but with less likelihood of bruising, marginally less grunting, and a great deal more hyperbole. Also, Theatresports is funnier than pro wrestling, even though nobody is wearing spandex.

As it stands, Ian Harcourt, Kenny King and Anna Kennedy are in pole position on the league table, testament to their consistent hilariousness and superior improv chops. They’re strong contenders to enter the Final, where the season’s top performers have the chance to claim the Belt for their own.

Theatresports 2010

Nevertheless, the season has been characterised by a punishing return to physical comedy. Specialists like Pete Doile, who, with Buster Keaton-like acuity, is able to turn his lithe-yet-hulking body into a stick insect or a meerkat with equal facility have excelled; the gauntlet has been thrown down to players to get out there and look silly on the stage.

Also making his mark on the season is rising Improvisors star, Ralph Howell. His style takes something from Improvisors veterans like Nic Gorman and Tim Jones, and adds a refreshing spritzer. Also, because he is younger, he is better to look at.

Of note have been guest appearances by Improvisors alumni such as comedian Steve Wrigley, and WIT’s Simon Smith.

If you’ve haven’t come down yet, don’t miss out on one of Wellington’s funniest nights out. If you’ve already been, drop by again – because the show is entirely improvised, it’s never the same twice!

The 2010 season of Theatresports is on Sundays at 7:30 pm in Circa Two until 27 June.

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